1. Continuing advocacy for acceptance by the City Council of land donations for addition to the Witham Hill Natural Area.

2. Advocacy for the development and implementation of new and appropriate zoning for all parks and natural areas to remove ambiguities and prevent misinterpretation of what is allowed in parks or natural areas.

3. Advocacy for the addition of a full-time Parks staff person for Natural Areas.

4. Advocacy for restoration of funding for both staff and maintenance costs for all parks, trails and natural areas.

5. Advocacy for the transfer of Garfield Park from the 509J school district to the City of Corvallis.

6. Advocacy for the preservation of open space and wetlands in the lower campus area proposed for intensive development by Oregon State University.


1. Support for contributions to the Friends of Corvallis Parks and Recreation and the Alliance for Recreation and Natural Areas (AFRANA) 501(c)(3) nonprofits for work on trails, natural areas and parks.

2. Advocacy for the protection of endangered species and historic resources on all city owned lands.

3. Support for collaborative and cooperative planning and work efforts by the City of Corvallis with the Greenbelt Land Trust, Benton County Parks and Natural Areas, OSU Research Forests, Preservation Works, and other organizations to enhance our area parks, natural areas, trails systems, and cultural resources.


1. Support and advocacy for the renewal of the 5 year levy which includes funding for the Senior Center and the Aquatic Center, including more funding for parks, trails and natural area restoration and maintenance, and staffing.

2. Advocacy for the restoration and maintenance of the city's historic, cultural and archeological resources, particularly the Gaylord House, the Owens Farm Natural Area (the farm house particularly) and the Marys River Natural Area.

3. Support and and advocacy for appropriate all weather trail maintenance for all trails for which the City has responsibility, particularly at the Bald Hill Natural Area and the Chip Ross Natural Area.

4. Increased funding for the Urban Forestry Program by increasing the funding on the City Services billing, and consideration of the addition of a city services fee for parks, trails and natural areas maintenance and restoration.

5. Advocacy for the development and implementation of improvements to both parks and natural areas such as Washington Park or Witham Hill Natural Area.

6. Advocacy for Douglas fir and invasive removals at both Bald Hill Natural Area and at the Witham Hill Natural Area, to assure oak savanna long term survival, and on Bald Hill particularly to protect the two Madrone groves there. Timber sale Income from these projects may cover the cost of the projects and could generate additional funds for other work at both sites, such as trail surface improvements.

7. Support and advocacy for the ongoing additions of land for new natural areas, parks and trails as the opportunities and funding become available, and as city growth and annexations occur.

8. Advocacy for the appropriate development/extension of Good Samaritan Hospital into the Owens Farm Natural Area, especially the preservations of significant oak groves/forests on that land.

9. Assure the Imagine Corvallis Vision plan implementation has appropriate support for parks, natural areas and trails, and historic resources.

Additional topics

1. What process will be used by the city to decide if some proposal needs to go to the voters because of the Corvallis City Charter, Section 59, "Sale, transfer or use change of parks and natural areas," as approved by special election May 16, 2017? Related to that question, are existing plans and agreements for large scale infrastructure to be completed (roads, sewer/water lines) NOT subject to the charter measure because they were approved as part of the acquisition agreements (especially at Owens Farm and Timberhill Natural Area)?

2. The need for clear and appropriate definitions for parks and natural areas that delineate, to the extent possible, the purpose of each and what should and should not be permitted in each.

3. Is Berg Natural area also a park? There is an existing old park plan for that land which included ball fields and other development. Can the city make a clear statement regarding the status of the buildings in Berg and what plans are for them, or what uses should be allowed?

4. There are now parks that are stated to have natural areas in them (Willamette Park/Kendall Farms, Avery Park, Sunset Park, Starker Arts Park for example). Clear boundaries between park/ball field lands and the natural areas need be be demarcated on maps and elsewhere.

5. Not all natural areas are the same. Given what is mentioned above there should be a written description for each natural area, and what has been/will or may be allowed in them in the future. Perhaps as part of a plan for the future?

6. Signs, maps and brochures need to be updated with current names/descriptions and general information.